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(and why Rebeccah Lutz)


Audiences today are wary of traditional marketing. They want to know the real you, why you matter and why they should care. Are you sharing a story that fosters this type of connection? Are you marketing to your audiences or building relationships that will drive your business for years to come?

If your marketing efforts could use a little spark, storytelling is the answer.

As a former journalist, I help companies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs hone in on their authentic story and the most powerful ways of sharing it through high-quality content.

Together, we create a big-picture plan for content that is results driven and measurable. I take a creative, strategic and journalistic approach to content marketing that helps you:

  • Communicate your impact, the problem you solve and the good you accomplish in the world

  • Share something of value with your customers or clients through content that entertains, informs, educates and inspires

  • Build loyalty and engagement among audiences across media platforms including social media, blogs, white papers, newsletters, emails, videos, podcasts, etc.

  • Position your brand as a trusted expert in your field

  • Empower your business or organization with data that reveals how audiences engage with your story

I bring more than 15 years experience in journalism to your organization, having worked in nearly every position within newsrooms. I designed pages, wrote and edited stories, shot and edited photos and video, and finally, served as a manager and leader for 10 years.

One of my roles in the newsroom was that of audience analyst and content strategist. With a focus on digital and social media, my job was to develop quality content across platforms and measure how it resonated with readers. I managed a growing website and social media strategy for channels with a combined audience of more than 90,000 followers.


Now, I have the privilege of doing the same work for my clients.

If you’re ready to try something different, if you’re ready to move beyond marketing as usual, you’ve come to the right place.

I know you have a powerful story.


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(meet Rebeccah)

If you are to entrust me with telling your story, you should know mine. It starts in a small town in Appalachia, where I grew up surrounded by people who can best be described as characters. Rich, complicated characters who left an indelible impression on my beliefs and values.

I got my fight from my dad, a man who stood 5-feet-8 inches tall, but wouldn’t back down from a bulldozer. He also had a softer side. (That’s him with my brother and me at Christmas.)


I got my sass from my grandmother. She smoked Virginia Slims with the filters cut off and lived to be nearly 90. (And she had awesome hair, as you can see in the photo of us when I was a baby.)



Finally, I got my class from my mom, an expert in the art of chewing someone out without cussing or raising her voice. (That’s her, holding a Bible and orchids on her wedding day.) 

I grew up hearing stories told by and about these people and many others, which is why I became a storyteller. Their influence served me well as I set out on a path that led me to tell amazing stories across the globe.


During my career as a journalist, I worked as a reporter and editor in West Virginia, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and Florida. I reported from Indonesia following the December 2014 tsunami and from Sudan during its ongoing civil war.


My plan was to always work in newsrooms, but about 12 years into my career, I began to sense that I needed a change. I wanted more independence and flexibility. I wanted to decide what my job would be and what I would do. So I took a chance and set out on a journey to redefine my career.


In 2015, I resigned as managing editor of the Tallahassee Democrat and after 15 years with Gannett Co. Inc. Once I got a taste of being my own boss, I was hooked.


Today, I work hard as a business owner and as a wife and mother. Whether I’m creating a content strategy for a client or planning my son’s birthday party, I love throwing myself into a project and tracking the results. And I love telling stories on behalf of businesses and nonprofits that are making positive contributions to our world.


Look around my site; let me know what you think. If you’re ready to tell your unique story, you’ve come to the right place. LET'S GET STARTED>


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